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Preggy Pic

Here's 24 weeks of baby belly for your viewing pleasure!

I'm feeling big but good. The only major hurtle was when the remote fell under the couch and for all of my grunts and groans, I could NOT seem to get it back out with a watermelon attached to my torso, but other than that, we're doing well! Still not sure what the sex of the baby is and are enjoying the surprise element of this pregnancy. The little one is currently the size of a papaya and weighs about a pound!
Here's my little one sucking it's thumb in my womb! Such precious, precious moments!

My Man.

I need to take a moment to brag. My hubby is amazing. That has always been obvious to me, but yesterday, he really blew me out of the water. Emotionally unstable wives are no fun to live with, but he just has this patience level that is incredible! This is what he did yesterday.
8:00- Got up and let me sleep in while he went to work to support our family for 9 hours.
6:00- Stayed late to have a meeting with the boss
6:45- Got a stressed out call from his wife, which he handled like a trooper and headed home.
6:50- Stopped at the grocery store to get Dr. Pepper which his psycho wife was craving.
7:00- Walked in the door to a crazy house and immediately started helping with dinner.
7:15- Sat down with the family at the table while we ate burgers, he listened to his wife talk, and talk... and talk. :)
7:45- Let his wife go lay down for a "time out" while he taught the kids the hokey pokey.
8:15- Put both kids down for bed (NOT an easy feat!)
8:45- Did all the dinner dishes and cleaned t…


I don't know how many of you have been pregnant during the summer months, but cute is not a word typically used to describe oneself during this time. Words that could be used are:
1. Sweaty
2. Smelly
3. Cranky
4. Sloth-like
5. Hormonally unstable

However, this morning my mother-in-law, Dana, took me shopping for maternity clothes. Something I have yet to do this pregnancy because I am both cheap and poor. We hit the clearance racks at JC Pennys and after some laughs and grunts in the dressing room, we approached the register with a pair of capris, a pair of jeans and 3 summer shirts (they had NO shorts, but Jason did buy me some maternity shorts last week). The full price total was $166.00 worth of merchandise, after clearance prices and 2 awesome coupons, our grand total was $41.00. We also went to Kohls and bought a $20.00 pair of sandles for $1.09. Yeah, we're good at what we do.

So, now I feel this new feeling, an old forgotten feeling. I feel cute. It's been a very good day…


I've learned many lessons lately.
1. Saving $5 by getting cheap razors just makes you use $5 worth of band aids and Neosporin after a very rough speed shave before hitting the pool with two legs that look like mammoths that got hit with weed wackers. My poor legs.

2. Taking children to the pool is fun. I was responsible and brought plenty of sunscreen which I slathered all over both of my children. What did I forget? Myself. My poor shoulders.

3. Pregnancy has many perks. Lots of food. Lots of sleep. One thing you can't do, however, is your toes. I just tried to paint my toenails and after some grunts, groans and back cramps, my toes look like they were attacked by a monkey ninja with bright red paint. My poor toes.

4. Putting Bailey on the top bunk is necessary because Bailey and Caden need to share a room. However, being able to get up on the top bunk does not mean she can get down. She was stuck up there the whole rest time when all she wanted to do was get down to use the r…

It's still hot...

Summer hit hard this year and we're breaking records all over the place!
1. Most calls to EMSA for heat related illnesses or injuries.
2. Most days with temperatures breaking 100 degrees since 1980.
3. Highest overnight low of 81 degrees.
4. Tulsa broke it's water usage record by using 204.1 million gallons in one day. (water restrictions are on the horizon)
5. Hottest temperature recorded of 107 (heat index 115) broke the record set in 1923.
And here's a lovely forecast for the next 8 days...

So, the point of that story is that we're still hot, we're still staying inside most of days and we're still praying for the Fall to arrive early! In efforts to stay cool, we continue to enjoy our little pool...

and we even went to New Life Ranch to use their big pool (thanks Danae)!

Being five months pregnant during this heat wave has just been delightful (insert eye roll). But we're doing fine and I thank God for my air conditioning daily!
Bailey is enjoying gymnastics and se…

Fun in Sun

There has been one word to describe this summer...
With temperatures reaching 110 for week long stretches, we're doing our best to keep cool!
Here are some pictures from our 4th of July celebration with the Clark family!

This is something called Corn Hole. Lauren and Jake made the boards and brought the game.
We had so much fun and the kids LOVED it!

Then it was time for explosives. The children were VERY CLOSELY monitored and loved the sparklers!

A few days later, the sun was beating down and I decided it was time to bust out the kiddie pool! It was a huge success!

Drying off before heading inside!

It's been hot, but a good summer. Baby D is doing well and is really wiggling now! Jason has felt the kicks a couple times which is always so special. He loves to feel my tummy and has taken great care of me! The kids are growing so fast and learning so much! Manners are still at the forefront of their education and Bailey recently mastered "Lean over to bite and back to chew, so …