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Still looking for a job...

Watching 4 kids under 3 and a special needs boy...

It's tough, but

God is good.

Happy Birthday to me, and Merry Christmas too!

My 25th Birthday was on Saturday, so I celebrated with a Christmas Birthday party! It was tons of fun! We decorated the house including the Christmas tree! (Notice the new color on the walls and the strip going around the side wall at the right) Showing off our new arrangments.
We had sooo much food! All Christmasy though!
Nanny's chocolate rice krispy treat complete with M&M's and Norweigian Birthday decorations.
Chuck, Jason and Uncle Darrell checking out the snack table.

Julia, Caden, Hunter, Bailey and Dana enjoying the toasty fire and stockings!

Make a Wish!
A quarter of a century! Grandma Sehested's famous monkey bread. It was delicious!!!!

Bailey was so spoiled, she was adorable though in her little Christmas outfit. She got a lot of sweets, that's for sure!
The tree and the gifts!
Phil Wiggs

My happy hubby... he worked so hard to make the party a success, I was so impressed!
Bailey, prancing around in Julia's shoes. Precious!

Grandpa Sehested and Caden, get…

My cuties in the tub

It's been a rough week for sure, but these kids make me so incredibly happy. Caden with his chubby cheeks, bright red hair and 2 little teeth poking through. Bailey with her adorable curls, cute little words and her incredibly simple view of the world. It's nice to remember that even when things are bleak, my children are there to keep me laughing, raise my spirits and remind me of God's faithfulness and continual blessings.


Yesterday's schedule:
5:15- up and in the shower
5:30- little boy that I'm babysitting arrives (his name is Gavin and he has special needs, very cute!)
6:00- make homemade oatmeal pancakes for breakfast
6:45- go on a walk with Gavin while Jason stays home with sleeping children
7:30- return from walk, kiss Jason goodbye and he's off to work.
8:00- lay down for a rest and Gavin takes a nap
10:00- kids get up, breakfast in full swing, Gavin up and crawling around on the floor.
11:30- Jason home for lunch, made homemade chicken and vegetable soup.
12:15- Jason leaves, playtime with 3 children
1:30- Naptime for kids
2:00- start making 6 loaves of homemade whole wheat and oatmeal bread.
2:15- realize my kitchenaide is too small for so much rising dough, but I press on!
4:00- start making homemade lasagna for dinner while bread rises for the second time.
5:30- Jason walks in the door with 21 seconds left on the timer, perfect! Enjoy an incredible meal with my hubby.
6:00- leave for softball ga…


Hello dear blog...
sorry it's been awhile. Sooo sorry. I haven't forgotten you, I've just been a wee bit busy. I had family camp, then we had the craft show where we were selling our crosses, then we had Jessica Stone's wedding! Here are some pics. They didn't want to see each other before the wedding, so we took a picture of them on either side of a door. they were so cute! She gave him a journal she had been writing about their relationship, it was adorable!

It was a beautiful wedding and oh so much fun! Love to all!