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Feburary Updates

So, my Granny reminded me today that it's been awhile since I've updated (18 days to be exact, which is just unacceptable), so I will now update.
A week ago we got a record breaking snow storm that brought our fair city to a halt. No school, no businesses were open, everything stopped and while it was rough on the economy, I didn't mind having a few quiet days stuck inside. Here are some pictures of the 20 inches we got in 3 days...
Caden wasn't too excited about playing outside, but once we discovered that pouring colored water onto the snow made "snow paint" he was thrilled and we spent most of a day outside.
Bailey loved the snow, it was so cute to see her rosy cheeks and bright blue eyes light up when we got outside!
This is after a few hours in the snow, they were frozen through and were ready to head inside.
Inside they thawed out and enjoyed hot coco for the first time!
After the snow came Valentines day and we got some lovely cards in the mail! (Thanks Gr…

Studio Lights

I got studio lights a couple weeks ago and haven't been able to play with them. Then, one night we got all dressed up for dinner and decided to set up a little studio in our living room. Here are some of the shots we got!

It was so fun and a great way to spend the evening!