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Prayers Answered

God is so good. Here are some prayers He has answered over the past month.
1. This little girl is getting so close to be completely potty trained. We don't have many accidents unless we're in public and she loves her "big girl panties!"

2. I fell and really scraped up my foot. It look like it got infected and we were worried about how much it was going to cost to go to the doctor and get medicine. We prayed that it would heal, and it did!
3. This guy got a raise and is getting moved up at his company. As of May 15th, he will no longer be a contract employee, he'll be full time Tulsa Websites and SEO Services, which is great for tax purposes.4. Caden is getting closer to walking. He went to the Orthopedic specialist and there was nothing wrong. Which is great. He's just content and should be walking any day! 5. School is going well. It is challenging and I'm learning a lot. My grades are good, so that's a huge answer to prayer. Since Chuck is paying for …

April Adventures

It's been a great month full of fun times with friends. My Best Friend, Sarah, brought her 2 kids, Hiba and Matthias, up for a visit. It was so fun, the weather was perfect and the kids loved playing together.

Later, we went down for Hiba's 2nd birthday party. It had a bubbles theme and it was amazing!
This is one of my most favorite pictures I've ever taken of my little girl.

Bailey Elizabeth, Christa Michelle, Sarah Elizabeth and Hiba Michelle

He is so precious, my little dude doesn't want to walk yet, but I guess getting his hands dirty is not an option, so he came up with this all on his own. He does it all the time now! What a goof!

It's been a great month full of friends, beautiful weather, new gardens, home improvement projects and other dreams. It's been great. I am so blessed.

Happy Easter!

Here the bells ringing, they're singing, that we can be born again! Happy Easter!

Before and Afters

Jason and I made a New Years resolutions to organize and simplify our lives. Our home is wonderful, but it has become too cluttered and has become more stressful and less relaxing. So, we're working on making our house a home we can be proud of. So here are some before pictures of our front yard garden area... not pretty.

After several days of planning and one very long Saturday, we have a garden area we're proud of! When the plants really come in like they should, I think we'll have a very fun garden!
Between the rocks are Azalea bushes which should have some pink/red blooms in the next few weeks!
And the hose is on the wall, not crushing ugly plants like before!



This is just the beginning. On our to-do list is the attic, garage, closets and under the bathroom sinks, but we'll get it all done! I'm so proud of my amazing husband for all of the hard work he's done to make our home …