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Bailey's night time ritual

Bailey's Little Prayer Book

I am...

I am a wife,
a mother,
a sister,
a daughter,
an aunt,
a Sunday School teacher,
a babysitter,
a student,
a small group leader,
a business owner,
a church member,
a photographer,
an in-law,
a Princess.

I am also tired, but wouldn't change a thing.


My wonderful children are growing more and more wonderful as each day passes. Bailey is quite the handful... she's discovered how to get caps off markers, how to get gum out of the wrapper and how to reach Diet Dr. Pepper cans sitting on the counter. Let's just say, I've been going nonstop, but she's worth it all! In the pic below I heard her start whining and found that she had climbed into Caden's walker all by herself... backwards. Once I started laughing she calmed down and decided to show off the yellow marker she had nabbed. Caden is growing too! He got his first hair cut, so he looks like such a gentlman now! He's oh so cute! He started crawling and is now working on walking. He loves to hang on to things (like the coffee table or a chair) and stand up, but he's not too sure about letting go anytime soon. He also has 2 teeth on the bottom and today we noticed 2 more coming in on top! He's been kinda fussy lately, but for a teething child, he'…

He Got A Job!!!

Jason is now the content writer for Tulsa Websites and SEO Services. He started last Thursday and is really enjoying himself. Here is the link to where he works.

He really likes it so far. It's very laid back and a fun work environment, which is a lot different then his last job. He still has an interview for another company just to make sure he's covered all of his bases. I'll let you know how that interview goes.

Thank you all for your faithful prayers, we truly appreciate them and know that God has a perfect plan for our lives.

Love to all!


I need encouragement, please.