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The Dentist

I love flowers. I love Autumn weather. I love the color yellow. I love lots of things. One thing you will never find on my "I Love" list is Dentists. They are not bad people, they just chose a profession that makes me cry. I'm pretty sure that most dentists were bullies in elementary school. They made me cringe then... they make me cringe now.
Yesterday, I had to go to the dentist. I had a terrible experience when I was 18 or 19 and have been nervous with anyone specializing in the dental arts since then. So yesterday, at 12:50, I drove into the parking lot of my dentist and did some quick breathing exercises.
Inhale. Exhale. I am an adult.
Inhale. Exhale. I am strong.
Inhale. Exhale. I'm going to up-chuck.
So, the breathing exercises didn't go so well, but I forced myself to let go of the iron grip I had on my steering wheel and went inside and checked in. Then I sat down next to the coffee pot. Why do they put coffee pot in dentist's office waiting rooms? I…

My Parents

In 6 days my two favorite parents are landing in Tulsa, OK to visit their favorite Clarks and Castles. We'll get them in Tulsa for 3 days and I am so incredibly excited! It was one of those things that we planned long ago and it seemed like the time would never come, but it's here and I'm looking forward to so much! Here are some of the things I'd like to do in these 3 fun packed days!
I can't wait to show off my baby belly. This picture is from the day I had Bailey! Mom is always great to have around when you're expecting!I look forward to lots of attention being showered upon my children. Caden still loves making silly faces and I know mom and dad love to make him laugh!

Looking forward to reading time with Grammy. The kids loves reading and it's always special to see them sharing their love of reading with Mom.
Swinging is always a favorite pass time, I know we'll hit up the park at least once while they're here!
Caden is already talking about play…

A day at the farm

We got to do a photo shoot at a horse ranch and while the girl we were photographing changed outfits, we got to take pictures of our cute little family! It was so fun! Enjoy!

It was a cooler day after weeks of triple digits and even though we were sweaty we had a blast and the day ended up being really special! Bailey and Caden both got their first horse ride, Caden got to raise and lower the loader on a John Deer tractor and they loved climbing on the hay bales! The kids are at such a fun stage full of wonder and excitement for every little thing, it's a really great time to be their mom!

On another note, my birthday is 5 days away! I'm a wee bit excited! I love birthdays and parties and on Monday, I get both!

Conversations with my third born

I find myself talking to my growing tummy more and more as time goes on. I love my quiet time, just me and my little one. Some of the first words my little one has heard me say are...

"You are such a wiggle worm. Thanks for reminding me that you are there, you are healthy and you are full of life!"

"I just fed you! How can you be hungry again? You better be growing a lot and using these calories for brain development, because the extra ones are going to my thighs!"

"My entire stomach is moving, look at you go! What will you be, my little one? A soccer player? A ballerina? Whatever it is, we're so excited!"

"That, sweet pea, is my bladder. Yep, right there where you just kicked. Ouch. Alright, we got it, you know where my bladder is now. Ooof... alright little one. Don't make me get your father."

We have an OB appointment next week and we are looking forward to seeing our little one again and praying for a healthy report. I was 25 weeks yest…

My Hero

A typical nightly conversation:
Me: I'm craving something.
Jason: What?
Me: Skittles


Me: I'm craving something.
Jason: What?
Me: Orange Juice


Me: I'm craving something.
Jason: What?
Me: Cinnamon Toast

but tonight was different...

Me: I'm craving something.
Jason: What?
Me: Chicken enchiladas with sour cream sauce, cheddar cheese, onions and jalapenos.

The truly amazing part?
As I sit writing this post, I am eating EXACTLY what I craved brought home by my amazing husband after quite a hunt! I am so, so, happy right now!


I have a sore on the side of my tongue.
It is causing me great pain.
Eating has become quite an ordeal.
I just thought you might want to know.