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Sorry about my last post, I just got frustrated.

Caden is going to the doctor today for an ultrasound. They think he might have a hernia, pray that they figure out what's going on. He hasn't been himself lately and hasn't been sleeping well either (which in turns means, I haven't been sleeping well and if momma ain't happy...). Bailey also has a doctor's appointment today which means shots, so pray that that goes well too.
There's a wedding tonight of a family friend that we're going to. It should be a lovely wedding. Dana and I are helping on the flowers, which I LOVE.
I think Andrew and Kelsey are coming this weekend, which will be lovely. I miss those too, and Andrew's birthday is on Monday, so we'll have to celebrate!
Here are the pictures I tried to post yesterday... they are pictures of my completed house! We had an appraisal on Wednesday so we spent the last couple weeks working to get it all ready and here's the final product!

I tried.

I tried to post a bunch of pictures today, but this dumb program messed it all up. An hour gone, no post.

I'm done.


Today I got a half birthday card from my Granny. Half of a birthday card. It made me smile.

I also re-epoxied the back shower. Not something I would recommend to anyone who wants to keep their brain cells. That stuff is crazy strong smellin'!

I also got frozen custard with Dana at Custard King. I must say, Custard King kicked Freckles Custard's tail!

I also caught up on all of Jason and my laundry, which was about 5 loads. I feel oh so productive.

I also took a shower in the front bathroom, I think it's only my 2nd shower I've ever taken in there. It's not a bad shower, and boy howdy does it have water pressure!

I also got another form for our taxes, another deduction! Cha-ching!

I also got motivated to tile my backsplash in the kitchen because it's such a small area and I think it would add a much needed punch of sophistication to the room. What do you think?

I also sound like Ray Charles from inhaling paint fumes.

I also had a wonderful talk with Danae on IM while sh…

Valentines Wishes from Granny & Grandpa

The highlight of the day, by far, was receiving Valentines cards from my grandparents. Here's how it went down. What??? A card for me? Woohoo! Alright, mom, give me space. I can do this by myself. Oh no, not the camera! Come on, mom, can't I do one little thing without you whipping that thing out?
Ooooh, how pretty! What fabulous colors, how did she know I love pink?
Alright, let me look this thing over... mmmhmmm, mmhmm, that's one nice card!

Now, what's this say? Happy Valentines Day... mmmhmmm... oh, how sweet. They sure do spoil me!
Now for Caden. Woohoo! A card for me! Now, if I only knew what this Valentines Day was that they speak of...

Wow! It sure looks like a nice card. Now if I only had control of my arms, I could open it. Darn you, fine motor skills!

I love getting stuff in the mail! I'm only 4 months old, so I'm no pro at card opening/reading, but I sure love people thinking about me!
Alright, mom, seriously. Now you're just taunting me. Open it!

I l…

Questions that plague my mind

Why am I more likely to get spit up on after a shower, then before?

When will these children start cleaning up after themselves?

How did my mom have seven children... and survive?

Why do I gain 3 pounds after 2 weeks of cooking healthy and cutting out junk food?

How do my kids know to cry right when I lie down?

Why do the more I do on my to-do list the more things I find that need to be added?

How do my children always poop right after I change them?

Why does the trash man always come early on the days I'm running behind?

Where did the bottom of my kitchen sink go? I haven't seen it in days!

Why does the toilet not flush when I need it to, but when Jason gets home it works fine?

How do I always have tons of laundry, yet never anything to wear?

When will my heart stop hurting because I miss my family?

Five Years ago today...

Five years ago today, a guy from my English class sent a quartet to my dorm to sing me a love song. Five years ago today, one guy made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the entire dorm, he made me feel so lucky. Five years ago today, Jason came into my life as my boyfriend, and today, five years later, he's not just my husband, he's my very best friend. He's given me an incredible life, with 2 amazing children, a wonderful home and the ability to have my dream job. A full time mom.
Five years ago today, my whole world changed. God put into motion his perfect plan for my life, he brought my perfect half into my life to make me a better, stronger, person. I am so blessed, so lucky, so happy and so incredibly in love.
Happy Valentines Day, beloved.


Today I...
Made around 50 crosses with Dana
Had Jessica over for a while
watched Hunter "crawl"
changed Caden's outfit 3 times
cut my finger
admitted Bailey is still teething and gave her Tylenol
chose water over soda
enjoyed 70 degree weather in February
watched Bailey throw 3 temper tantrums in a row
put Bailey down for a nap... twice
got Jason's birthday present in the mail
watched Oprah and Dr. Phil's Valentines Day specials
dropped a bike on my right foot
had way too much cheese for one day
planned my Valentine's day dinner
and felt very, very productive.

The End.

To Do List

I need to do the dishes, attack the mountain of laundry that is creeping out of my closet, finish painting the back bathroom, take a nap due to no sleep over the past 2 nights, finish decorating Caden's room, paint a mural in Bailey's room, finish the meal schedule for February, clean the inside and outside of all my windows, plan Jason's birthday party, figure out what to do for Valentine's Day, paint the closet doors in my bedroom and make a few hundred crosses for upcoming craft shows.

But they'll all have to wait... Bailey and I are playing.

Bailey and the Phone

Jeanette's Wedding

So, my sister's husband's sister got married. Danae's Doug's Jeanette got married. Got it? Anyway, it was such a beautiful reception, it was so fun. Jeanette looked radiant, her husband Brad looked so sharp and together they looked absolutely captivated with each other. Jeanette was beautiful, not just pretty, but gorgeous! Brad was all cleaned up (I've only met him once, but he looked really classy tonight). It was so much fun to hang out with the family. Here are some pictures from the evening.