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Hawaiian Vacation- Part 4

After Kona, we went to Kuaui, by far, my favorite island of the whole trip. It was BEAUTIFUL. Unlike anything I had ever witnessed in person, the lands were so lush, so untouched by commercialism, the way God had created it. We went on a kayaking/ zip line adventure thing, but I left my very expensive camera in the car (for obvious reasons) so these pictures are of some of the beautiful places we stopped on the way to and from the adventure park.

It was so incredible and I totally want to go back sometime and spend a whole week just on this island. It took my breath away. I'm going back someday with my family. Dad and I are going scuba diving, it's going to happen, and I can't wait!

Hawaiian Cruise- Part 3

The trip continued in Kona where we had a lovely day scuba diving. Here is Jason in front of the dive shop waiting for them to open... he was attacked by a killer parrot. :) Here is the harbor.
There was another guy going with us who was so funny. Jason caught me laughing at him.

Waiting for the boat.

These beautiful little geckos were all over the place!

After Scuba, we had to ride these boats back to the ship because there wasn't a port.
It was a beautiful city and an amazing day!
More to come later!

Hawaiian Vacation- Part 2

So, the next day we went to Kilo. We didn't have anything planned, so we just went sight seeing, it was INCREDIBLE. Kilo is a very volcanic island, but beautiful.We went to Akaka falls, which was incredible. It was quite a hike to see the 2 falls, but totally worth it and the hike was full of amazing flowers and vegetation. Everything is so huge, you feel like you're on the set of Jurassic Park or King Kong or something!

A smaller waterfall that was on the hike between the 2 water falls.

Then we went to Thurston Lava Tube which was another hike, but totally worth it!

The wonder of God's creation is so evident in the mountains of Kilo. A massive tube made entirely of Lava!
Then we went to see the volcano. The white speck in the bottom righthand corner is a person walking down in the crater, we stayed on the rim.

Another active volcano with steam billowing constantly for the past 10 years since it's last eruption!

Then we went to the beach which had incredible views and be…

Hawaiian Vacation- Part 1

Well, I'm back at last. The vacation was AMAZING!!! Words cannot describe the beauty of God's creation that we were blessed enough to witness. That is why I will show you with pictures. Now, the pictures are about 25% as beautiful as being there, but they're the best I can do! I hope you enjoy a peek at our amazing journey. We went to Honolulu first and boarded the ship. Here is what we saw when we went up on deck...

Then that night we sailed to Maui. Here are some pictures from our amazing 2 days in Maui.

Our Dive shop... they were amazing!

I will post more pictures tomorrow of the remaining days, for now, I'm off to bed! I'm back to being a full-time-mom tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! God Bless!