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Day 1 as a Single Parent

Jason is off at a conference for a week in San Jose, CA.  He's learning all the newest information and technologies to help him do his job as best as possible. He is so excited, he says he can't wait to speak "SEO nerd" to everyone else. He is at THIS conference.
So, while he is having an amazing time in California, I get to experience life as a single parent to three. Well, on day one Bailey came down with a bulging ear infection and my trip to see Sarah in Little Rock was cancelled. So... woot. But, we did get her in to see the doctor and she has antibiotics, so she should be getting better soon. Caden also has a minor ear infection and Devan is still coughing from RSV (which is what the doctor thinks caused the older kids' ear infections).
Bailey does like to announce to anyone who makes eye contact that she has an "ear inception". She's gotten a lot of laughs for that, so I don't think I'll correct her until later on.

RSV (Really Stinky Virus)

Poor Devan has been fighting some congestion for a few days, so we took him to the doctor. Turned out he has RSV and Bronchiolitis. He has lots and lots of mucus in his lungs and it's making it hard to eat, sleep and breath. Poor guy. We took him back to the doctor for a follow up appointment yesterday and they gave him a breathing treatment and sent a nebulizer home with us and the poor boy gets breathing treatments every four hours. Luckily, I'm a nebulizer professional because Andrew had asthma growing up and I used to give him breathing treatments occasionally. So, now my little guy is getting used to the mask and we're praying that the medicine works and he starts to improve. Because he's sick we had to cancel Jason's birthday party... so now it'll be a quiet night at home. I don't mind that at all.


I found this pictures while updating pictures for my walls.  It made me laugh. So many sweet memories in my life.  I just wanted to share.

Sushi Night 2012

This Christmas we made sushi with my family in Montana. I made one semi-successful roll and really loved it! I thought that sushi was exclusively in the seafood category, so I never really tried it, but I learned that you can put chicken and beef in sushi, so we have started trying new things and decided to have a sushi party. We bought a sushi rolling kit at Target and bought out the Asian food aisle at Reasor's. Then it was time to clean.

As most of you know, my children are incredible. They are well behaved, they are brilliant and lately, they've become extremely helpful! I gave them each jobs and they did great! Caden helped load the dishwasher, vacuum the living room carpet and wipe down the tables. Bailey cleaned the front bathroom and swept the floors. While they didn't do a perfect job, they were so cute and both just wanted to help. It was awesome.

Finally it was time for the party. We had 2 couples over from church with their kids and then a couple from Jason…