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Trusting God in the good times is easy, natural, it just happens. He's taking care of you, so yeah, trust. No prob.

What happens when he painfully rips you away from your church family, allows slander to come against your character and your husband and prevents you from obtaining your new home He promised you would have?

Where's the trust then? Where is the trust when the waves are taller and the anchor seems so far away?

That trust is where it's always been. In the arms of the Father, waiting for you to run to them, soak them up and bask in the warmth of who He is. He gives us peace, we trust Him. He gives us comfort, we trust Him. It isn't easy or natural, it fights against our inclination to always plan ahead, know the answers, prepare for what is coming. It isn't easy, but it is beautiful.

"Our real identity is not in the Sin we battle, but in the Savior we embrace"- Rosaria Butterfield
 "Sometimes when you're in a dark place, you think you…

Lessons in Loss

I may not be a pro in much, but i feel as though the Lord would like to me to full grasp the lessons of loss. Oh my word, in the last 5 years we have lost 2 pregnancies, 1 tiny baby boy, we left a job with 8 girls that we so loved at OBHC and started a new calling at SHBC only to be unexplicably fired after 3 years of faithful service. Loss. Another loss. We have so much to be thankful for, but why? Why were we humiliated and lied about? Why did we have to walk this road, we have already hurt so much. We have already given up so much and remained faithful to the Lord and His call on our lives, we didn't turn away, we didn't give up and go secular, we stayed in the ministry and close to the Lord who had always walked with us.
Then... failure. We sat down in a conference room where we had been loved on and invested in. Jamie wore a blue shirt, his eyes were cold and the sparkle was gone. The love for us and our ministry was gone. The connection of three years of walking together…