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Family Camp

Family Camp was such an incredible time together with the family. We had such a blast, but missed Granny and Grandpa tons.
At the beginning we had a welcome chapel where dad was introduced. He was such a good speaker and got a really good response to what he was teaching. Grace and Bailey at the opening Chapel.
Doug and Caden got some bonding time waiting for the cookout to start.
Emily and her incredible modeling skills.
Silly girls...
Bailey, coloring our family poster, waiting for the hamburgers.
Eating hamburgers and hot dogs at the opening cookout.
Caden had a fan. She came over to say hi, and stayed for awhile, until her dad came and got her.
Chilling at the country fair.

Dad and Russ
Mom and Caden, winding down after the country fair.

Rest time- it's obvious just how tired she is because she's laying down on a big bed and not jumping on it.
Caden's bed.

The Toddler Swim.