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It's June. The days are warmer, the nights are longer and our anniversary is right around the corner. It's the first time in our almost 7 year marriage, that we

have absolutely nothing planned and we are thrilled! Nothing. We want to do nothing. We want to sleep, watch movies, read books, picnic with our children and perhaps sleep some more. Why this lack-luster plan for this day to celebrate? Because our sweet marriage has gotten beautifully simple. We laugh more, we love unconditionally and fiercely, we forgive quickly and we talk. Oh we talk. Everyday with my husband, best friend and now my co-worker, is a celebration of June 10, 2006. Every night we lay down exhausted, remembering all the things we forgot to do, all the insane conversations we had with children, all the chores that got done, errands that were run, and eyes that were rolled in our general direction. There is not a single person on this entire planet that I could do this job with besides my love, and he know…