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We recently had a retreat with our Community Group out at the lake in the H&P Cabins. It was such a fun time and the kids were amazing. This picture is when they were up WAY too late, watching Kung Fu Panda at 11:30! They laid down on the couch so sweetly and watched the movie... Bailey fell asleep before it was over. One of the men in our group has a 10 year old boy, DJ who loved hanging out with Jason. They played Wii Sports Resort and Mario Kart.
Jason and Bailey went down to the docks with DJ and his dad to fish. Bailey brought me back some flowers! My first flowers from Miss B, I loved them!
Dave and Amy Conder LOVED playing with our kiddos. Bailey loved them too and gave them way more attention then she gave me, but that's alright, I get to live with her...
I asked Jason to build a fire in the lodge, that attracted Dave which attracted DJ which attracted Caden. Soon, there were four men building one (very successful) fire!
Dave and DJ on their way to fish. DJ is quite the ou…

New Stuff

I'm writing a children's book.

I am organizing my life.

Caden has started standing on his own.

Bailey can count to 10!

I'm contemplating an attempt at gardening.

Mrs. Jessica Taylor

Mrs. Jessica (Stone) Taylor is in town! She came to visit for a couple days over her spring break, and I couldn't be happier! We have had an incredible time and I just love getting to spend time with her. She is such a treasure! We have gone shopping, made cookies, went to the zoo, hung out with the kids, did some nursery decorating, made home made pizzas and watched two movies and she's only been here a day and a half! I need girl time, I need special friends that I can talk to about anything, I need to talk to people that are going through what I am going through, and Jessica is that girl, that friend, that companion. I am so glad she is here and so blessed to have her in my life. Tomorrow should be filled with more kid time, pictures, pedicures and a girls night out!

A day at the Zoo

Jason and I took the kids to the zoo on Saturday. It was a little blustery at the beginning, but beautiful after a bit. Bailey loves animals, so we really had fun watching her learn about the different animals and the sounds they made.There was a statue at the entrance of the zoo, Caden loved the water!
Bailey loves Monkeys! She has stuffed monkeys and monkey pj's, she really loved getting to watch real monkeys play! We even got to see them during feeding time!
Bailey watching the camels.
Bailey and Caden watching the Arctic Fox exhibit.

Watching the gila monster!
Razorback time!
Jason explaining bears to Caden, he loved the zoo and getting held by daddy!
Bailey on the tortoise statue!
Lions say rooooaaarrrrr!
Jason held Caden's stroller up a lot so he could see. Jason was teaching the kids about lions.
We got to ride the train!

and the kids loved the carousel!

We finished up the day at the elephant exhibit!

My Children LOVE to Swing!

My children love to swing, not just talking about a little, I mean it is the one thing that can make both of them giggle and squeal for as long as I keep pushing them! I meant to only pick a few pictures for this post, but I loved them all so much! So here are a ridiculous amount of pictures from our Wednesday trip to the park!


This weekend we went to AR to visit Jason's sister, Jessica and her husband Justin in Manila, AR. It was lovely.

Today is Seth (Jason's BFF) Barton's birthday, so I spent the day cleaning and making yummy food for his party. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, biscuits and apple pie! We're watching Muppet's Treasure Island, fun for everyone!

My wonderful friend, Jessica Stone Taylor, is coming to visit next Wednesday! I am so excited! It's going to be great to have some good girl time! Good friends are hard to find!

This Friday is a birthday party for Sam/Briana/Lyn and Chuck. Yes, it's going to be one intense party!

We went to Target today to grab some groceries and Macaroni and Cheese was on mega sale. You should have seen Bailey's face when she discovered there was Spongebob Mac n Cheese! She held it and hugged it the entire trip until the check out!

Sickness is everywhere. Danae, Doug, Mom, Grace, David and Dana are all sick with the flu. Therefore I will p…

Tulsa Websites and SEO Services

Jason has worked at Tulsa Websites and SEO Services for 7 months now. I thought it was about time to show you what he does! He is a content writer, so for all of the websites that his company designs and creates, he writes all of the content. Above is his desk and below is the extra desk, Bailey loves to sit there and color.
Notice how adorable her hair is! :)
So, Jason's job is to write the content for pages on the website, such as the home page, About Us page, Contact Us page, etc. He works very hard and the company is growing very quickly. Below is the wall of websites they've done. They need to update the wall... they are missing about a gillion new websites...

Above is a picture I adore. Bailey colored a picture for Jason a couple weeks ago and just yesterday I noticed he had hung it up in his office. It made me smile. Below is the outside of their office.
And here is Mr. Caden walking out to the car! He's finally getting confident enough to do it one handed. He's get…

A picture op...

So, I post a lot of pictures. Hopefully, most of them are good. I did want to show you what it takes to get a good shot though. It's not natural talent, it's pure stubbornness!
I bought the kids matching pj's. It was late, so we put them in their jammies and I wanted to take a quick picture to show my mom... little did I know what I was signing up for.
For some reason, the wrestling started. I tried to get them to focus. "Just sit down kiddos, just sit down on the couch and smile."
"Bailey, what are you doing? I love your face, but get back and sit down, babe. I can't see Caden!"
"On your bottoms, kiddos. Sit down on your bottoms for a quick picture!"
"Caden, turn around. Bailey, sit up. Alright... sit down, smile and there's ice cream for everyone!"
"Maybe more sugar is a bad idea, Bailey, you're hair is INSANE!"
"Caden, you are so funny! But come on, love, sit down!"
"Alright, who wants a pony! One good…