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The old is gone...

I am not who I used to be.
My whole entire world has been flipped upside down by one phone call and 7 teenage girls.
The phone call said we got the job as House Parents at Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.
The seven teenage girls are the girls that I take care of morning and night for 3 weeks a month.
I love them all.
Got trusted me with 3 beautiful children, and 7 amazing house daughters.
I am not who I used to be.
5 months in and I am tired, busy and overworked.
I am also happier than I have ever been in my 28 years on this planet.
They change my world, every day. They make me stronger, better, more compassionate, more aware.
They make me angry, they make me cry, they make me feel like an idiot.
They make me smile, they make me laugh so hard I can't breath, they make me proud.
When they hug me, I am changed, encouraged, filled up.
They take my breath away.
I am not who I used to be, God has made me so much more.
I am tired, I am ecstatic, I am a mother of 10.