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For Granny and Grandpa Kelch


I've realized that not many people read this blog, but I know my Granny does, so I will continue to write, and post pictures. That's how much I love her! And, I love getting to go back and read previous posts, it's like a journal and I like that.
We had a very lovely day on Sunday. Well, actually, we were all sick, but Chuck came over in the afternoon to work on our mower, so we all went outside to get some fresh air.
Caden is doing very well with his cast and has learned the value of a walker. He was all over the place!

Bailey was so cute! She wanted to help "Poppy" with the mower, she sat quietly beside the mower and took random tools and "worked on the mower."
Caden wanted to see what all the excitement was about.
Beautiful Bailey and the Mower. A classic picture I'm sure!
The other things that have been going on are:
1. I'm working on finishing my degree at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. It will be a bachelors of arts in Organizational Managem…

Fall and falls

Here is a little update on the happenings at the Clark household. Bailey's new obsession is shoes, she used to just wear mine, but now she's discovered Jason's shoes. She's actually pretty good at walking around in them! We had to go to a grocery store across town and discovered these incredible shopping carts they had. It was amazing! Both of the kids loved it!

Danae bought Bailey a little bouncer for her baby. Bailey loves it! She's so cute and is really becoming quite a good "mom"

She even feeds her a bottle, it was Caden's but he lost it to the doll...
Jason plays fall baseball, but it's been so rainy that we haven't had many games. We went out to one the other night.

Bailey and Uncle Justin

Bailey's newest hair style... isn't it precious?

Bailey and Caden are so cute in the back of the car together. They laugh at each other and hold hands, it always makes me smile!
Bailey, the OSU cheerleader, chatting it up on the phone. She's …