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And the beat goes on...

Well, time is piddling onward, one day at a time. I think I used the term "piddling" because it's so hot here I think time itself has slowed due to heat exhaustion. Never-the-less, we're doing our best to enjoy this time, the kids are at such a precious age. Bailey is copying everything we do and Caden is so funny, he's like a rolly polly... my adorable rolly polly. We bought a kiddy pool for the back yard, Bailey LOVES it! Caden got in too, but we were both on lifeguard duty when they were both in, so the camera was put by the wayside.

Have I mentioned that I have the most adorable daughter on the face of the planet?
We went to Rockets over Rhema, which is Oklahoma's largest fireworks display. It didn't disapoint, that's for sure! We were far enough back, that the noise wasn't a problem for the kiddos. They loved it and Bailey kept saying "Wow!" and clapping.

My friend, Jessica Stone, is getting married on July 25th and Miss Bailey is th…

Oh, it's so hot.

I sweat. My children sweat. My glass of water sweats.

Go away summer.

I want it to be Christmas.

June 16, 2009

Who knew a day that started so terribly could end so beautifully? My main goal of the day was to go grocery shopping and stock my very bare cubbards! Well, it was tramatic to say the least, 2 screaming children, 2 stores, 3 hours... yikes. No bueno. But after Jason got home and an amazing meal of skillet burritos, we headed off to Music in the Park at Broken Arrow. It was amazing and so cute!
Bailey had tons of fun and made a new friend, Michael. Here they are below becoming fast friends, Michael was very nice and shared his chairs with Bailey, he was quite the gentleman! Bailey loved that chair! (If anyone finds some for cheap, I would love to have some for the kiddos!) :)
Michael was so worried that Bailey's chair had grass in it, he took care of it for her. It was so precious! He's 3 and his parents go to our church.

Then Bailey got her first kiss! (she beat me by about 20 years!)

She REALLY loved that chair!

Bailey and Caden both liked the chairs, but Caden didn't stay in…

Summer Fun

Well, summer is here and the camera is firing away at record speeds! Here are some pictures from the last couple days. We've been lucky enough to have Danae hanging with us so she's in some and behind the camera a lot too!
We went swimming for the first time in Chuck and Dana's pool for this summer. It was COLD! "Bless you baby!"
Such a stud.

Modeling her new swimsuit.

Isn't she just GORGEOUS?!?
Caden was braver then I was...
Dana got a new teeter totter for the kids, they LOVED it!

Nae and Cae.
Bailey and Caden bonding over their love of sticking things in their mouths.

I got a new hair cut!
He's such a clown sometimes.

Bailey's look that means "I don't care if you're taking my picture, I'm not taking this juice cup away from my mouth so there!"

She was being so goofy and would not let go of my hand!
We left Danae home with the camera and Caden, here's what we found on our camera upon our return.

Bailey's first snow cone at Shave…