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Things that make me smile

1. The way Caden can wiggle all over the floor on his back. He never rolls onto his stomach, but somehow can make it all over the living room floor.
2. The way Bailey says cheese. "theeez"
3. I hurt my hand last night, stabbed it with a knife, but after it stopped bleeding, the Hello Kitty bandaid I put on it seemed to make it feel a lot less painful!
4. How Bailey walks around with the remote controls acting like she's talking on the phone.
5. How even at 2:00 am, Caden's smile still makes me smile.
6. The way Bailey gets soooo excited in the morning when I give her juice. She kicks her legs, holds her hands out and makes this "ooo ooo" sound.
7. The way Caden will rub my face with his hand.
8. How Jason brings me home flowers for no specific reason. It's nice to know that even when he's out running errands or driving home from work, he's thinking about me.
9. How much Bailey loves to feed Caden. She even shakes up his bottle before she sticks it oh so…

Last Day of the Craft Show!

Well, today was the last day. We were expecting amazing sales, tons of people coming back, then I walked outside and saw this...So, we didn't make a tons of sales, but we had fun! The other exhibitors were super bored, so we talked a lot and took pictures of Bailey...
And some of Caden too...
But mostly Bailey... she got a new bow today.
Isn't she beautiful?

This little guy came by our booth like 20 times and finally bought a cross for his mom. (we sold him one for $10, it was all he had... shhh, don't tell anyone we're softies)
Here's another one of our amazing booth, constructed by Mr. Chuck Clark. Nifty huh?
Ooooh... pretty!

So, that was our day. Snow, snow and snow. But it was great... my camera is coming in 9 days!

Our First Day at the show!

Here is our booth and some of our crosses. We thought we'd be able to hang them all up, but we just had too many, so we put some on tables and on boxes along the side.Here is my baby, my personal favorite. It's gotten a lot of attention and lots of compliments, but no buyers yet! Here are some more pictures of our booth

Our friend, Michelle, has a booth of tutus and hairbows. Bailey was a model! Isn't she precious!?!
It's been a good day, we've had good sales and people say the first day is the slowest, so we're hoping that the next two days will be even better than today!

Pictures! (see Mom, you put pictures on a post!)

Just in case you forgot what my beautiful children look like, here's some pictures from the past couple days. Modeling with mommy.
Bailey has discovered the joys of coloring. It's been so fun watching her use crayons with both hands, just going crazy.
Now, she just has to figure out if she's right handed or left handed... Caden, modeling the new outfit he got from Grammy Keena. We call him chubs. Bailey modeling her new dress from Grammy. She wore it 3 days in one week because it's sooo cute and so easy and she's seems really comfortable in it. Me and my boy. Obviously he's more interested in his hand, then in our special bonding moment, but I still think it's a sweet picture.Bailey, in her favo dress. Happy as a lark!
I guess that's about it for now! We have dinner tonight with Jake and Lauren and Jessica and Justin, hopefully it will be a lot of fun! We're also working on the crosses, our show is less than a week away! God Bless!

A day of doing what I don't want to do

Today was full of things that were on my to-do list, but I wasn't excited about them being there.

1. We closed on our house. We officially bought our house from Chuck and Dana (who bought it for us back in May because Jason didn't have enough work history). That meant we got to sit in a hot room with 2 wiggling children and sign a bagillion papers, but the good news is... we own our home!

2. I did laundry, we're not talking just a little laundry to get caught up, we're talking load after load after miserable load. Folding clothes that don't even fit my children anymore, finding clothes I had given up on ever finding again, remembering things we did months ago by smudges of paint or splashes of mud found on particular pieces of clothing. It was good, it needed to be done, but I didn't want to do it.

3. We filed our taxes today. A ridiculously complicated process I might add, even with Turbo Tax guiding me along every step of the way. We're going to get a pretty…

Photography by Kelci

Jason and I took the kids to get our pictures taken from Kelci Parks, a local photographer, on Saturday. She did an amazing jobs and the pictures speak for themselves! She was so sweet, extremely fast, really creative and obviously very talented. I'm probably just going to order the copywrite and the CD so I can print out some pics. Let me know if you want any imparticular ones and I'll try to send them to you. (I know I usually stink at this, but I really will try. I still have pictures for Granny and Grandpa... I just remembered... from like 6 months ago... sorry!)
Enjoy the pics!