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We made it to May!

The weather has been crazy lately, so when we do have a nice day, we're outside! The kids have a tee ball set they love to play with. We're still working on hitting the ball and not the tee, but we'll get there!

Bailey showing us her mad baseball skills!
Daddy teaching the kiddos how to fish (I'm just glad it's not my job!)
Bailey caught a fish at Chuck and Dana's new house!
Jason's Sister's Husband's Brother's wedding. Matt and Briana Reavis!
Dressed up little guy.
Cutie girl.

Kisses!The Clark Men.

Bailey told me she wanted a picture with the princess. She got it!
Showing off my belly. Yep, there's a baby in there.
Too cute! I'm just glad she's never going to grow up!
I am so happy. Just very blessed, overwhelmed by God's grace. I think this picture captures how I feel about life right now!
Caden, being his normal adorable self.
Daddy and Cade all dressed up for the wedding!

Yes, I know. My children are precious. I'm still trying to figu…


I am used to chaos. I like the chaos of having two toddlers a year apart, I love the bustle of Sunday mornings and the craziness that ensues every evening at the kid's bedtime. I love having multiple car seats in my mom-mobile minivan and the chaos that comes from celebrating any holiday, packing for any trip or preparing for any special event. I'll take a day full of errands over a relaxing day at home any day. I like chaos.
But I do believe I'm getting old. This morning we ran outside from our van to church in pouring down rain, blinding wind and 40 degree weather. I thought, "this is not my kind of craziness". Then I went to church and spent the morning dry heaving into trash cans while watching 12 3-year-olds in nursery and barely made it back to the car without losing the bagel I had for breakfast (to prevent morning sickness which obviously failed miserably!) Jason saw how sick I was and we went to the mall to get Preggie Pops from the Motherhood store ther…