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I've never been a huge fan of blueberries. They are tart and turn your fingers and teeth blue. However, this week my baby is the size of a blueberry.
I love blueberries.

My Hubby the Nerd.

My hubby loves Star Wars. He also loves Nanny's oatmeal pancakes. So when Dana and I found these pancake molds, we had to get them for his birthday! We got to use them the other day and he loved them! He did say it was weird eating Yoda though... :)
A little creepy, huh?
Top left is Darth Vader, top right is a Storm Trooper and the bottom is Yoda.


Oh, it's all coming back to me now! Fatigue, aches and swinging hormones that can have me sobbing in a pillow one minute and dancing to Frank Sinatra with Caden the next minute. However, it hasn't been unbearable and I know that it will totally be worth it in November. I have been blessed with no real morning sickness and Jason is incredibly patient and helpful whenever I need him, I know I am so blessed.
We have an appointment on Tuesday, the first pre-natal visit. I'm really excited, I have the doctor I had with Bailey and Caden, so I'm already comfortable with her and know what to expect. Pray for safety for the baby (we're calling the baby "Baby D" because his/her name will probably start with a D) and patience for Jason and myself. Also lift up in prayer my friend, Jessica Dodson, who found out this morning she had a miscarriage, she was due the week before I am, so it's been a hard day, but she and her husband are such strong Christians and I kno…

A New Video, Watch the whole thing! :)


My Little Man

My little man is going to be the ring bearer in a wedding of one of Jason's close friends in just a few weeks. We got his outfit all picked out. He's not wearing the hat, we just put that on him because his hair was crazy and he needs to get used to wearing it before Easter.

An ABC Update

A- Art- I have discovered a new form of art that I adore, Stamping! Homemade cards are headed your way!
B- B.A.I.L.E.Y- Bailey can spell her name!
C- Caden- Caden is growing so fast and is all about cars, tractors, planes and trains!
D- Daisy Dog- we have an adorable dog named Daisy who learned how to fetch yesterday!
E- Education- We are always working on teaching the kids new things and finding creative ways to make learning fun. We are also looking to start some lessons for them in the Fall, probably dance and soccer.
F-Family- My family is currently all across the globe. A bro in Germany, a sis in Bozeman, a mom, dad and 2 siblings in Turkey and a sister on her way to China. Praying for safety!
G- Glory to God- God continues to provide for us and showing us His faithfulness. God is good!
H- Hide and Seek- Our children ADORE playing hide and seek. It is such a sweet game they they get so excited about playing and ask me to play at least 12 times a day.
I- Ice Cream- Jason and I have an ice…

Funny Funny

Tonight Bailey asked me if she could be Mommy and I could be Bailey. I said fine. I was sick so I asked her to bring me the remote. She gave me the remote and said, "But, Bailey, don't eat the remote. It's not a treat!" I laughed and said ok. A little later she went over and opened a box of Girl Scout cookies Jason had brought home for me. I told her not to take cookies without asking mommy first. She looked at me with a huge smile, "I say ok" and popped it in her mouth.
She turned my sick day into a very funny day. I love that girl.

Little Sahara

This weekend we went to Little Sahara State Park which is an incredible park near Enid, OK that is miles of sand dunes, it's beautiful and open 24 hours a day for four wheelers, bikers and ORVs of all sorts. It's got camp grounds, so we brought the RV and went out for the weekend, it was amazing!
Bailey and Caden were going to spend lots of time in the RV, so we bought special markers and paper just for the trip!
Caden loved the "tractors" and watched them drive by the window all day. He even got to ride them a couple times!
This is a Razor, which is an offroad vehicle that is really fun to ride in. Nathan Banker was driving, he came along with his dad, Jerry to join in on the fun. The kids loved taking a ride with him, even though it was just around the parking lot.
Then Jason took the kids on the 4-wheeler. They were both thrilled!

Bailey and Chloe got to play on the four-wheeler. I think she looks pretty comfortable on that thing even though it'll be a couple years…