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Valentines 2010

Valentines Day at our home was so much fun this year. We got goodies from my mom including new Valentines outfits (pictured above) and cute cards from Granny Kelch. Below is Bailey opening her card from Granny. (I do not know why blogspot hates me and always does this dumb text formatting at the beginning of my posts.)

The we decided it was time to make a Valentine's treat. So Bailey and I made Valentines cupcakes. It was quite a process! We started with putting our hair back and donning our aprons.
Isn't she a doll?
Then we found a recipe and Bailey got the measuring spoons.
Bailey got to help dump some of the dry ingredients...
and she got to hand me the eggs. She was sooo funny, she loved every step and kept saying "I wanna help! I wanna help!"
Then it was time to blend, Bailey was a very good helper. She learned how to turn on the kitchenaide and watched it until it was smooth!
She even got a snitch when I was focusing on the camera...
She was a happy girl! I poured them…