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Being a mom isn't easy. It doesn't come to you overnight, everyday brings new challenges, new questions, new concerns. Devan doesn't care if I'm tired at 5:30am and he's hungry. Caden doesn't understand why I can't get out of the shower to help him get his car from under the couch and Bailey wants to dance ALL the time. Sometimes, I can't dance. They don't understand why mom isn't on call to them all day, and it can be overwhelming.
Yet, this job is the ONLY thing I want to do. God made me to be a mom. He gave me big hips to hold my babies, long arms to cradle them to sleep and He gave me a huge heart with room for all of them. Having three children that are 4 and under is not an easy feat, but everyday is so full of adventures and surprises. Devan surprises me with how much he grows and how fast he is learning to make new noises and laugh. Caden is becoming very verbal and has an amazing sense of humor. Bailey amazes me with her compassion for …

5 months old!

He can laugh now and roll from back to front.
He sleeps well, eats well and smiles easily.
He talks and talks and loves to listen to music.
I'm so crazy in love with this little guy.

Easter 2012

Easter this year was beautiful. We had a huge Easter egg hunt in Chuck and Dana's back yard. It was so much fun and the kids did great!

It was such an amazing day celebrating our victory in Christ. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing group of Christian family and friends that understand just how exciting Easter really is!

20 weeks!