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He can walk!

Most children start walking around 12 months old. My 19 month old son showed no interest in the hobby. After much prayer and several dr. appointments, he decided he would give it a whirl!

I heart my babies

Just in case you were unaware, my babies are amazing. I love them and I think they are AMAZING! So, here are some pics to let you see how beautiful they are and how fast they are growing!

We went to Jason's cousin's graduation in Arkansas. It was so fun! The family rented a cabin on the lake and spent the whole weekend hanging out. It was so fun!
This is Jake (Jason's cousin's husband) and he loves Bailey. They always have tons of fun together.
Caden has a new love for cars. He played with this car all weekend! It was a remote control car, but he just zoomed it all over the floor all weekend. It was so cute to watch! He's such a little boy!

We love nerf gun wars. The whole family was into it, Chuck was showing Bailey how to shoot... you have to start young!
Mother's Day was our last day at the lake. The boys made a BEAUTIFUL breakfast for the moms (and 2 future moms). It was sooo amazing and was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend.
The three cousins in their match…

Prayer Requests

My last post was prayers answered, now here are some prayer requests. Pretty much, it's just about Jason's job. While he loves his work and his boss, the position is not working out. There are raises that are promised yet never come and benefits that still seem to be years away. All we have now is ICU insurance for Jason. So yeah... that's not doing us a whole lot of good. I try to be loving and supportive but I know he's struggling. Pray that God will make His Will known to Jason. I am willing to move anywhere if it means Jason gets a job that can support us comfortably. I know that Jason was supposed to be at this job for awhile, I just don't know if he's still supposed to be there. Pray for him, pray for us. We will follow, we just need Him to lead.