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To Grandmother's House We Go!


A Day at the Park

I heart my babies.


Today I...
Volunteered in Bailey's nursery (15-two year olds)
Went to work for 7 hours (it was supposed to be a 5 hour shift)
Took 6 different sessions today including a couple in wheelchairs, 3 very sad children, a funny, yet exhausting family of 6 and autistic boy who liked to scream and run at my lights.
Picked up the kids from Chuck and Dana's
Fed the kids dinner while my husband worked at the Fair
Wrote a 10 page paper for a final in Global Business Environment (which brought me one step closer to graduation!)
Did 10 discussion posts for my two classes
Wrote a 1 page analysis over a current business ethics dilemma
Wrote a 2 page paper over 10 ethical dilemmas
and my wonderful hubby is giving me a foot massage WITH LOTION!
I am glad I am done. I am glad I am married. I am tired. I am blessed.

October Already?

Ok, so I don't know what the deal is, but this year is FLYING by. I remember feeling like months were ticking by while I was younger, always waiting for the next big thing to come along, and now I stand in shock that this month my son will be two and my daughter will be three. Weren' t were just celebrating their 1st and 2nd birthdays yesterday? Sheesh.
Well, several things are coming up... I'm going to visit my grandparents this week. Leaving on Friday, coming back Tuesday. I'm SUPER excited. I'm ready to go help go through boxes (they're in the process of moving to Ohio), relax with my grandpa, chat for hours with my granny and spend quality time with Bethany and Danae. Pray for safety and patience for the kids, cuz we'll be in the car for 12 hours!
The kids' birthdays are coming up. Caden will be 2 on October 23rd and Bailey will be 3 on October 25. So, on October 24th I will be the mother of two 2 year olds! We are having a party for both of them on S…