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Hello Summer!

I love summer, I love swimming and cook outs and trips to the zoo. Here are some pics from our summer so far. Above is Miss Bailey showing her love of popcorn, if you ever want her to smile, just say "Do you wanna sit on the couch and eat popcorn?" She sprints to the couch screaming "pacorn, pacorn!" It makes my heart happy.
We got a little plastic pool last summer and only used it once or twice, but this summer the kids are big enough to actually enjoy the pool. Caden came out strutting in his Nemo trunks.

And one of my favs from the summer, is this one of Bailey. She was sooo excited to swim! It was a hot day and we had to wait until evening for the sun to lessen up before we could go out, but her smile totally made it worth the wait!
I got onto Bailey for splashing Caden, then he splashed her back, so they were on their own! It was so funny to listen to them squeal and laugh together!
Bailey was so tired after the pool that I got her in her jammies and then went to …

6 Months is a long time.

Six months ago, I spent Christmas in Bozeman. I loved every minute. It's been a long time since I've seen these people and I'm missing them a lot. Especially the people pictured above. They are two of my biggest fans. They are the kind of parents that I want to be and they have the kind of love I try to show Jason every day. I wish they lived next door.
I also miss this gorgeous girl. She always has sound advice and a listening ear. She is one of the most encouraging people on the planet. I want to be more like her.
These two clowns live about 10 miles from my house. I see them about once every 3 months. This makes me sad, but they are 2 very busy people. Whenever they come over, I seem to have stomach cramps from laughter. I miss them, even though they are in my town.
This guy is one of a kind. I got to hang out with him a lot when he was at JBU, but then he transferred. I'm glad he's happier where he is now, I just wish Montana State University was in Oklahoma. He i…

Bestest Anniversary Ever!

Our 4th Anniversary was yesterday. It was fabulous! First off, I got a call from Dana and she said, congrats! I was confused, then remembered that I had entered an anniversary contest and we had won! This radio station...gave us...
which were beautiful!
As well as a $20 gift certificate from Kaffe Bona which is a really cute chain of coffee shops around Tulsa. Then I got a package from this beautiful woman!
And it contained a couple cute outfits! Bailey got an adorable new dress and white sandals (I COULD NOT find any in Tulsa!)
Caden also got a few new outfits, this one is one of my favs. It makes his eyes look incredible!

Then I dropped off the kids at this wonderful woman's house so I could take Jason out on a lunch date.
We went here, it was Barnett's-esque. About a gillion calories, but SOOOO good!
Then, after a wonderful lunch and nap time, I dropped the kids off at this cute couple's house for a wonderful date night!
Then we went by and this guy...
let us borrow THIS!!!
And w…

They just won't stop!

So, I sat down my children and asked them very nicely to stop growing. I want them to stay just the way they are forever. I asked politely and said please, but they said it was a no go. Bailey is learning new things and becoming quite the little Einstein. Caden is getting so big. It's so amazing to see him grow out of the baby stage and into a little boy that has me wrapped around his little finger!
We went to the zoo on Memorial day, here are some pictures from that beautiful day!
Bailey watching the camels.
Bailey thinks she's as big as me. I decided to let her show me how strong she was, so she pushed Caden for awhile!
The turtle statue is a very popular photo-op. One of these days I'll get a shot of both of them smiling!

The kids loved this big tortoise. It was so active and kept moving around and sticking his head in and out. It was great!

We've been to the zoo at least 8 times this year, but only one other time has Jason gotten to come with us. Bailey LOVES hanging out…