Hawaiian Vacation- Part 4

After Kona, we went to Kuaui, by far, my favorite island of the whole trip. It was BEAUTIFUL. Unlike anything I had ever witnessed in person, the lands were so lush, so untouched by commercialism, the way God had created it. We went on a kayaking/ zip line adventure thing, but I left my very expensive camera in the car (for obvious reasons) so these pictures are of some of the beautiful places we stopped on the way to and from the adventure park.

It was so incredible and I totally want to go back sometime and spend a whole week just on this island. It took my breath away. I'm going back someday with my family. Dad and I are going scuba diving, it's going to happen, and I can't wait!


  1. joe's been to hawaii a couple of times (when he was younger) and really wants to go back...maybe we could all go together!!! i really hope our guys end up as good friends!


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