What Fun!

Life has been busy, crazy but oh, so FUN! In the past week, I've gotten to go to the Bahamas with my friend and I got to spend 24 hours with my dad who was in town for a 50th anniversary celebration. Both adventures were so incredible and made me remember that even though I'm hot, pregnant and cranky, at times, I am so amazingly blessed.

I met my best friend, Sarah, in 1991. I was in 1st grade and she was in 2nd. We met at church and have been buds ever since. We got to celebrate our 20th anniversary with a 5 day trip to the Bahamas where we were on a resort and got to relax. We left our husbands and kids behind for a few days resting and enjoying each others company. It was so incredible!
This is the view we saw for 4 days, lying on the beach, reading and relaxing. It was so incredible and such a blessing that we were able to go.

We got to go sailing, snorkeling and relax by the beach. Sarah even got to do the trapeze. I didn't, due to the baby in my womb (and because I'm a wuss), but she had a blast!
Sarah, my BFF of 20 years, and myself on the beach in the Bahamas!
Dad came to Missouri for the 50th Anniversary of a church my grandpa started and dad drove down to see us after the anniversary party and before he had to head back to Bozeman. It was only 24 hours, but we made every minute count! Lots of fun in the sun! Here is dad showing Caden how to throw around the pigskin.
For some reason chasing Papa with a bat was SO hysterical. Luckily, dad didn't seem to mind running from his very cute attacker.
Goofy girl in Caden's glasses he got in a kids' meal.
Dad took them four wheeling at Chuck and Dana's new house. I think they all three had fun!

Cutie girl in her new cute dress!Caden's new outfit from my mom. The shirt says "Who are you calling short?" It makes me smile and he loves the giraffe!
Dad showing off his favorite grandkids. (I can only say that until November when my sister has her baby!)
Two of my favorite men with their Cardinals hats on. It was amazing to see how quickly Caden attached himself to dad and bonded with him. It was a really special day.
Miss Sassy with her new dress and new purse from my mom (Grammy). She loved them both and had a lot of fun showing off her presents for this photo op. She can really work the camera!
Dad loves baseball and so does Caden. I loved that dad could help Caden really learn the fundamentals of baseball like how to throw correctly and how to use a glove. Caden still talks about "bayball with Papa".
This one is so funny. I think he was watching my dad throw the ball to Bailey. It must have been an impressive throw!
I love this one. Caden's face is priceless, he was so excited to get to play with Papa. He loved every minute of quality time with that guy. I think they are two peas in a pod!
Caden was playing with my dad and it was so cute to see him smile at his Papa. We don't get to see my parents very often so it makes the times we do get to see them so much sweeter.
Bailey has always loved to swing. She's getting old enough that she wants to go higher and higher, which is really fun for her, but makes me nervous! I can't believe my little girl is already 3 1/2! She just keeps getting smarter and prettier!
Something else that is fun and very exciting is that our 5th Anniversary is Friday and our amazing friends, Michelle and Brandon Anderson, are going to watch our kids Friday and Saturday night so Jason and I can go out to the H&P Cabins and relax and celebrate our marriage and the adventures we've had in 5 short years!
God is so good!


  1. Lots of fun fun stuff. So glad to hear that you were not the one doing the trampoline!

  2. I love all the baseball pics!!! Miss you, hopefully I can come up in a month or so.

  3. What a full fun blog! :) I get tired and warm and fuzzy reading it...mmm...the pictures are so precious!


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